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Patiowell Size Upgrade 10 x 8 ft. Outdoor Storage Metal Shed with Sloping Roof and Double Lockable Door, Gray


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Anyone with eclectic hobbies and DIY inclinations knows that storage is always going to be a problem. While you might be hesitant about the benefits of a storage shed, many people with a penchant for being handy are already enjoying the ease it brings. Our 10' x 8.6' Metal storage shed keeps everything you want kept outside organized. Dirty equipment, gardening tools, lawn maintenance essentials—lawn mower, hoses, weed killer, etc. Basically everything you wouldn't want to store inside your home for lack of space, or just a fondness for clean floors. Practicing good home organizational skills doesn't just mean keeping your desk or bedroom tidy. Your entire property can benefit from being organized, and storage sheds can be your best friend when it comes to outdoor storage. Here are reasons 10' x 8.6' Metal storage sheds will benefit your organizational efforts at home.
    • Plenty of storage space: 518 CU. FT storage capacity is plenty for you to declutter your home. Larger door widths and higher roofs allow for 5.5% more effective use of space than other products of the same size. Anything from power tools to old paraphernalia that you just don't want to see lying around anymore can go immediately in the shed.
    • Secure Storage Potential: Our sheds come with lockable latch. Securing your extra organizational space can prevent accidents with children or simply keep others out.
    • Weather-Fortified Enclosure: The slop roof is designed to flow out rains quickly and prevent gathering. Triangular shaped roof structure ensures excellent firmness and high stability. No more worry about windy and rainy days.
    • A free and comfortable interior: Four air vents design can efficiently improve air circulation. You can work indoors with the door closed and not feel stuffy.
    Material: Galvanized Steel Sheet
    Color: White and Gray
    Product Dimensions: 120.8" x 102.3" x 80.3" (L x W x H)
    Weight Capacity: 440 LBS
    Package Included:
    1 x Storage Shed
    Product instruction & Hardware set & Two pairs of gloves
    The above items will be packed in four boxes.
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