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Elfin Fountain: pump-free pet water fountain No cleaning trouble | no leakage | no wire restrictions

Although modern smart fountains can enhance a cat's hydration compared to bowls, they also require more maintenance, and submersible pumps pose a risk of electrical leakage.

Elfin Fountain redefines the pet fountain with a new system -NatureFlow. Each component is easily disassembled and can be washed directly with water for easy cleaning. Say goodbye to the traditional motor pump. The Elfin Fountain uses MagDrive™ technology to distribute water, completely separating the electronics from the water source. With MagDrive™ technology, we carefully place all the electronics outside the tank but still inside the smart base, converting the electronic power into magnetic force to drive the impeller, pump and release water.

True hydro-electric separation: By keeping all the electronic components outside the tank, we can not only extend the service life of the components, but also significantly improve the safety of cats when they drink from the Elfin fountain. In addition, we have simplified the design to achieve simplicity and ease of disassembly. There are only four parts that need to be cleaned: water tank, tray, impeller, and water pipe,Dual water mode
The Elfin Fountain has two water modes: a timed mode, which releases water at regular intervals to ease your hydration problems; Smart mode, which releases water when pets are nearby and adjusts the flow when pets leave to attract them back.
Elfin Fountain combines practical design with ease of use to fit naturally into your lifestyle while improving your pet's health. It represents a balanced approach to aesthetics and care.
Its simple design is not only for aesthetics, but also for easy maintenance. This ensures that both you and your pet can easily enjoy its features. Easy to disassemble, no clean blind spots, safe hydration, simple fashion, easy to lift and place, visible water level, anti-tipping design